Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Curves

Here I am going for grand swooping curves…


Two come instantly to mind:

Roads with Hairpins.

That is a full-size bus on one of these narrow twisting roads in the High Puna of Argentina. It can get really cold up at this altitude so the bus stops had wood stoves in them so people could keep warm while waiting. This is the only photo I have that actually shows the road – we were on a bus. If we are in a car no pictures are allowed as the concentration involved in trying to navigate this type of road is phenomenal. Also, on truly winding roads, there are rarely any places to pull-out and look back at what you have just managed to navigate!
NW Argentina, twisting road through the high Puna


For rock to be curved you need a rush of water. Most of the greatest rock curves are found in the American Southwest and the Middle East where flash floods scour the rocks into shapes that you can walk through when the water is dispersed.

  • The Wave, a striped sandstone formation that straddles the Arizona/Utah border
    the 'Wave'
  • Antelope Canyon (this is the lower one)
    Lower Antelope Canyon
Snakes (and Eels).

Of course there are other types of curves including spirals, my favourite! But that for another post…

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6 responses to “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Curves

    • I’ve only had eels once and that was over 50 years ago – all I remember of the experience was that they tasted like fish and had LOTS of tiny bones although the bones seemed to remain attached to the spine so weren’t a problem. I shall have to try them again!

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