Travel Spanish ¿Cómo te gustan los huevos?

Food / Breakfast / Mexico / Eggs.

One of the breakfast choices in Mexico is eggs in variety of styles.

Desayuno/Breakfast Sign Quiero huevos fritos con tocino, bien cocido, y frijoles refritos.
I want fried eggs with bacon, well-cooked, and refried beans. Huevos volteados con tocino y frijolesQuiero huevos rancheros. (Son huevos sobre una tortilla con una salsa picante.)
I would like eggs ranch-style. (They are eggs on a tortilla with a warm salsa picante on top.) 12NoMxTeGustaHuevosRancheros8560wQuiero huevos revueltos con pimientos y cebollas.
I want scrambled eggs with peppers and onions. (This is served with a lightly spicy sauce and beans, a style known as ‘a la Mexicana’.)12NoMxTeGustaHuevosAlbanil9078wHuevos fritos volteados con tocino y frijoles. Los huevos pueden ser duros, medios o tiernos.
Eggs over-easy with bacon and beans. The eggs can be hard, medium or soft. 12NoMxTeGustaHuevosVolteados8710w Omelette de hongos, pimientos y queso.
Omelette with mushrooms, peppers and cheese. Mexican omelette with mushrooms and peppers and cheese on top

¿Cómo le gustan los huevos? (How do you like your eggs?)

  • estrellados (sunny side up)
  • revueltos (scrambled)
  • tibios (boiled)
  • volteados (over-easy) suaves (soft), medios (medium), duros (hard)

¿Cómo le gusta el huevo tibio? (How do you like your boiled egg?)
Me gusta suave (soft), medio (medium), duro (hard).

Me gustan mucho los Huevos Rancheros. (I like Huevos Rancheros very much.)

¿Cómo le gusta el tocino? Me gusta dorado. Me gusta crujiente.
(How do you like your bacon? I like it golden. I like it crispy)

Another breakfast (DESAYUNO) menu. The huevos al gusto (eggs as you want) come with tocino (bacon), chorizo (spicy sausage) or jamon (ham), ‘a la mexicana’ which is scrambled with peppers and onions, or ‘naturales’  which is plain. Puebla: Desayunos MenuThere is also an option for chilaquiles, layers of cut-up tortillas in a spicy tomato sauce topped with onions and cheese or cream. On the menu they are served with pollo (chicken), carne asada (roast meat, usually pork) and frijoles (beans), at times with huevos fritos.Chilaquiles & eggs for breakfast in Puerto Escondido, MexicoAnd of course you can get your huevos with ‘hot cakes’, not very Mexican but served everywhere!
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  1. You got to see my version, of Huevos Rancheros, unfortunately don’t know how to add a https to my pictures to upload here. 🙂

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