Rosa Mexicana / Mexican Pink

Chucho Reyes, one of the great Mexican artists, and Luis Barragán, the great Mexican architect, both loved pink and collaborated on a colour they called ‘Rosa mexicana’.

I didn’t get any decent photos of this pink at the Barragán house or at a display of Chucho’s work at the Palacio de Bellas Artes. But I do have lots of examples of Rosa mexicana, such as this pink wall in Talpa.Bright walls with a tiled stairsway in Talpa, one of Mexico's Pueblos Magicos in the Pacific high sierrasSweet tamales / tamales dulces: inside the corn husk, a gooey mixture of masa (corn dough), butter, sugar, a toothpick of the pink food colouring known as ‘Rosa mexicana’, cinnamon-infused water, baking powder and raisins. (How we made these yummy things.)a sweet tamal about to be unwrappedOn a Monday walk we met Desire (Deh-SEER-eh) with her Xolo dog called Yolo. The 3500-year-old Xoloitzcuintli is a pre-Colombian breed from Meso-America, and is often, but not always, hairless. He had such a cute little face on him and Desire was wearing the appropriate Mexican pink so they get included here.Desire with her ancient Aztec Xolo breed dog called YoloRed chairs & a pink table at a Festival in honour of their patron saint in Bucerias, Mexico.Red chairs & a pink table at a Fun Fair in Bucerias, MexicoMexico City is trying to re-brand itself as MXCD (as opposed to el D.F.). This bike rack was part of this effort. 'CDMX' bike rack re-branding in Mexico CityBut my favourite images were of the protest graffiti on the old stone posts that line the sidewalks of the city. As part of the ‘Me Too’ movement women protested with pink lettering. “YO DECIDO / I DECIDE”Women protest with pink graffiti in Mexico City“Unidas somos poderosas / United (we woman) are powerful.”Women protest with pink graffiti in Mexico City“My life has value, my body does not have a price / Mi vida tiene valour, mi cuerpo no tiene precio”.Women protest using pink graffiti on the old stone posts the line the sidewalks of Mexico City

More of Nancy Merrill’s Photo a Week Challenge: Pink.


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