Delicious Memories from Denmark

On the latest Lens-Artists Challenge, Patti Moed asks, “Are you one of those people who remembers every great meal you’ve ever had?”

May I present my travel journal for Denmark 1965 where I had a delicious meal of Roedspaetter fish and rhubarb jelly.

Travel Journal for Denmark 1965 remembering Roedspaetter fish and rhubarb jellyI see I did not know how to spell rhubarb at the time, but I have almost the correct spelling for both the fish and the jelly so I must have pestered my dad to spell it out for me in Danish. Roedspaetter or Rödspätta, which translates as ‘Red Spot’ in English, is a type of Plaice, and must be quite popular in Scandinavia as I found pictures of it decorating the walls of several of the places where we stayed. Illustration of a favourite fish dish: Redspot / Rödspätta (Plaice in English)What I did not record in my 1965 journal was the experience of buying the fish. We went down to the docks where there were open-topped cages in the water, and the vendor scooped out live fish for our lunch, something I’ve not seen since in all my travels. I’m not sure if this still happens or whether now-a-days the fish is only sold all wrapped up.  A very memorable fish from Scandinavia: Redspot / Rödspätta (Plaice in English)My memories of it are so delicious that my cousin who was living in Sweden was determined I should have it again when I visited them last June.Panfried Redspot / Rödspätta (Plaice in English)My cousin’s dinner of pan-fried Rödspätta fish, boiled new potatoes, white asparagus, parsley, lemon and melted butter in Sweden. And yes, it was every bit as delicious as I remembered from 53 years ago! Dinner of Redspot / Rödspätta fish, boiled new potatoes, white asparagus and melted butter in SwedenOf course she also duplicated the rhubarb jelly dessert Rabarbergroed (Rabarbergrød) served with Tawny Port and cream. Rhubarb Jelly & Port for dessert in SwedenAl pronounced it the best rhubarb dish he ever had and I have to agree. Unfortunately I didn’t get the recipe in 1965 and I didn’t get it last year either! So that’s for a future post along with lessons on how to pronounce it…Rhubarb Jelly & Cream at my cousin's in SwedenAnother day we had Rödspätta fish and asparagus soup, something I will remember for the next 53 years!Redspot / Rödspätta fish and asparagus soup in SwedenAnother example of fish poster decor at our Grebbestad B&B in Sweden. Fish poster at our Grebbestad B&B in Sweden


9 responses to “Delicious Memories from Denmark

  1. We are alike–in that we record our food memories! I love that extract from your diary! And how wonderful that your cousin re-created the meal for you. I love that! We’re glad you joined the challenge this week!

  2. this was so culture rich – well done
    I find the rhubarb dish most interesting – but it does not seem to be around anymore.
    We brought strawberry rhubarb pie to thanks giving last year and only the older folks (and me – not so old) ate it up –

    • My cousin doesn’t actually know the recipe – she just makes it up as she does along. So I will have to try to duplicate it – first local rhubarb is now available in the market! Here it is: rhubarb, sugar – a little water – just like a compote. You can add red currants too. Or strawberries. But only red berries. Perhaps a good vanilla pod.

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