A Collection of Roads from Around the World

A collection of roads from around the world.

Aerial shot of two roads running through unusual land forms in Iceland.Aerial shot of a landform in IcelandRoad work on a narrow road high in the mountains of Sapa, Vietnam. The bus we were in had to pass the truck on the cliff side. The entire bus held their breath and we made it!Road work on a narrow road high in the mountains of Sapa, VietnamMoki Dugway (aka Utah 261), a gravel road with dozens of terrifying hairpin turns, none photographed as I couldn’t see the next turn until we were in it.a wild ride on Moki Dugway, Route 261 in Utah“The Irish drive like maniacs down these really narrow roads….”; some advice for driving the narrow roads and hedgerows of Ireland.
A drive along a narrow road on the Inishowen Peninsula in IrelandHeading down the road to Rouen (France).GPS taking us down unnamed roads on the way to RouenSome rules of the road when travelling in India: one tanker truck politely drives over on to the dusty verge to allow a more hazardous tanker truck to pass.
'Hazardous Chemical' carrying monstrosity squeezing its way through traffic on a two-lane highway in IndiaDriving a one-hamster-powered car through the back roads of northern Spain. We  called our little rental car “The ‘amster”, after Miguel’s pet rat in Faulty Towers but looking at this dashboard maybe we should have named it “Darth Vader”!Our spooky looking GPS and dashboard on the Ruta de Ribeira Sacra in northern SpainThat is a full-size bus on one of these narrow twisting roads in the High Puna of Argentina that lead up into the Andes. It can get really cold up at this altitude so the bus stops had wood stoves in them so people could keep warm while waiting. NW Argentina, twisting road through the high PunaStand-off with a bus on the narrow roads of Wales. Guess who had to back up to the nearest ‘passing place’?Stand off with a bus on the narrow roads of WalesVehicles were far and few in Myanmar, where every vehicle was treated as if precious. This was from our Inle Lake bicycle trip; the only Asian country where I didn’t fear for my life when on the road. The Road on Our Inle Lake Bike TripMexico City roads used to be the most congested and polluted in the world. They’ve done a lot of work to reduce the congestion and we had a lot of blue sky photos – something that never happened in the past.Looking down at the view from the Monumento a la Revolución in Mexico CityRough washboard road with lots of cattle guards to further rattle your brains, up in the hills above Merritt, Canada. Around the Tourist office the story goes that the tourists sometimes return the maps that they have purchased because they’re aren’t enough roads on them. But I bet even this one is marked – there just aren’t a lot of roads in the province compared to the rest of the world!road up in the hills above MerrittMore of Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge: Road.

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