Walls From Around the World

A collection of walls from around the world.

In Hue, the royal city of Vietnam, the walls of the palace are painted imperial yellow. In nearby Hoi An it appears that when the monarchy ended there was a sale on yellow paint as the entire city is painted yellow!yellow royal painted wall in Hue, VietnamThe rock wall of Balcony House, a cliff dwelling in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado. Balcony House, a cliff dwelling in Mesa Verde National Park, ColoradoMexico is one of the few places that has purple walls; this is in the colourful UNESCO Heritage City of Puebla.Purple & blue walls in Puebla, a UNESCO Heritage site in MexicoDelicious textures of a cracked plaster wall in Rouen, France; textures you can just reach out and touch…Cracked plaster wall texture with letters in Rouen, FranceA gallery of abstract paintings, courtesy of the mold formations on the walls of Fort Cornwallis in Penang, Malaysia. I call this one ‘Red River Outflow into an Icy Sea’.
red river outflow into an icy seaBrussels in Belgium has one of the few ‘Comics Art Museums’ in the world, and at times the fanciful characters escape the pages of their comic books and can be seen climbing the walls of the city.Brussels Cartoon Mural on a Building WallIn Christiania, the Freetown of Copenhagen, Denmark was a town centre of a sort, brightly painted, and full of shops, small cafes, people and the cheapest coffee to be found in the city!
Shop in the counter-culture area of Copenhagen called Christiania, DenmarkA wall of stone ‘collage’ in Jaisalmer, India.
collage in golden stoneWhen we were walking along the seawall in Melaka we discovered this multiple apartment complex with the entire exterior covered in murals. The buildings go on forever and so do the murals. A Series of Murals Adorn the Walls of this Apartment Building in Malaka, MalaysiaA red wall of the Varberg Fortress, built in 1650 in Sweden.A red wall with the date 1650 of Varberg Fortress, SwedenThe gold-plated walls of the Mahamuni Pagoda in Mandalay, Myanmar cause the rooms to glow.the Golden Walls at the Lumpy Gold Buddha at the Mahamuni Pagoda in MandalayVancouver, Canada jumped into the mural craze a couple of years ago with a Muralfest on (and off) Main. This colourful mural is in an alleyway west of Main between 3rd and 12th streets.A mural wall painting at the Mural Fest just off Main St. in VancouverBecause of Maastricht’s strategic position it was often under siege during regional wars, and the population hid in these tunnels long enough for shops and services to develop. Even Napoleon was not immune to leaving his mark on the walls of the caves (Holland).Napoleon was hereA Temple Bar with a ‘fresh mural’, whatever that means (in Dublin, Ireland).A Temple Bar with a 'fresh mural' whatever that means (Dublin, Ireland)Brick wall and wood door of an estancia in the campo of Argentina.Brick wall and wood door of an estancia in the campo of ArgentinaMore of Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge: Wall.

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    • I’m so totally fascinated by details that often I forget to back up and get an overall shot. Fortunately Al is one for photos with a ‘subject’ so I can usually ‘complete’ the story by rummaging through his photos.

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