Vancouver’s Chinatown

Favourite shots of Vancouver’s Chinatown over the years…

1973. This is the year I made my first trip to Chinatown in a photo class. A man shopping in Vancouver's Chinatown circa 1974Chinese herbalist preparing a prescription. The exotic smells of the shop were intoxicating.A herbalist in Vancouver's Chinatown circa 1974

Ever since then Chinatown is where I go when I have the urge to travel and can only get away for a day…

1985. Misbehaving camera but it sort of captures the feel of all the fireworks going off at the Chinese New Year’s Parade.A flaming light leak in my old camera gave a new look to the Chinese New Year's Parade in Vancouver's Chinatown1999. Longan for sale in Chinatown. longan for sale in ChinatownSeaweed for sale. For me, exotic produce and smells are all part of the thrill of Chinatown. seaweed for sale in Chinatown2004. Abandoned garage, since torn abandoned garage in Vancouver's Chinatown2006. Steamy noodle shop that served my favourite wonton soup. noodle soup shopWon Ton & BBQ Pork Soup with chile oil, soy sauce and Chinese green tea. The noodle shop is no longer there so I have had to come up with my own version of this soup – and regularly make trips down to Chinatown to obtain the elusive BBQ pork and dumplings.Won Ton & BBQ Pork Soup2012. The Chinese Tea Shop was giving out warming samples of some unusual herbal teas.
Chinese New Year herbal tea2013. I’m not sure what these characters on this drum mean, but it was very important to the man standing next to me that I photograph them and then repeat them with the proper Chinese intonation until I got the pronunciation down pat!Chinese New Year DrumAt the International Village there was a stage set up, and some guys were demonstrating their karate moves, breaking pieces of plywood with well-placed kicks.Chinese New Year Karate Action2015. This is the year I went to the New Year’s Parade with a borrowed camera and telephoto lens, and had so much fun using that lens that I went out and bought a point and shoot with a telephoto and aperture controls. Dragon lamppost in Vancouver's ChinatownA masked character from the 2015 Chinese New Year Celebration.Chinese New Year Masked PersonCaught sneaking a photo with the telephoto. Vancouver's Chinese New Year 2015: Dancers Posing2016. As it was pouring rain on the parade, I took cover in the Chinatown Parkade and had a whole new view of the parade from above. Neon 'Chinatown' sign on a parkade in Vancouver's ChinatownThe most athletic of the Chinese New Year Dragon Dancers – these guys had just jumped on each other’s shoulders and swirled around all without tying the dragon up in knots.The Chinese New Year dragon dance acrobatics2018. This lady was on the other side of the street standing up through the open roof of a car that just sat there for ages. Perhaps she was waiting to go on and was practicing her moves. Regal lady in a red hat in the Chinese New Year Parade in Vancouver, CanadaA golden fish floating in a jade pool in the Sun Yet Sen Garden. The fish are no longer there courtesy of a hungry otter!Golden fish floating in a jade pool in the Sun Yet Sen Garden in Vancouver's Chinatown

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