Skibbereen to the Fishing Villages of Baltimore and Union Hall, Ireland

October 9.

We spent the day in County Cork driving from Skibbereen around to Baltimore and Union Hall, and then onto Kinsale via the Drombeg Stone Circle and the Timoleague Friary Ruins

First to the salt lake Lough Hyne, as recommended by Liona, the young barmaid we had met in the pub  the previous evening. The salt lake Lough Hyne near Skibbereen in IrelandA bunch of dogs accompanied by a bunch of ladies in terry cloth bathrobes having a natter – it appeared that some of them had been swimming and the rest were there to let their dogs run. 

The primary sights in Baltimore were this odd beacon out on a rocky point…Unusual beacon on a cliff in Baltimore, Ireland…and this lighthouse across the water.Lighthouse on a rocky cliff in Baltimore, IrelandIt was a blustery day and Al wanted to get going. Windy day on a cliff by the beacon in Baltimore, IrelandHowever the rock formations of the crumbling shale cliffs had me racing all over the place taking way too many photos of rocks. Crumbling shale in the cliff in Baltimore, IrelandCliff edges by the beacon in Baltimore, IrelandThe town itself is described as being ‘all about the sea’ and had some interesting pubs but unfortunately it was a bit too early in the morning to drop in and hear some salty tales. Pubs in Baltimore, IrelandA tiled mural on a building showing sail boats.Fishing scene portrayed in tiles in Baltimore, IrelandTwo kitty-corner doors – both interesting.old wood door in Baltimore, IrelandOur next stop was at the fishing village of Union Hall. Boats & buoys the water seen on our drive to Union Hall, a fishing village in IrelandHmmm, another pub to tempt us but it’s still too early in the morning.The waterfront in Union Hall, a small fishing village in IrelandUnion Hall and Glandore were highlighted on this Lonely Planet map as being ‘unspoilt fishing villages’. On the Lonely Planet map I have written ’10-foot-high hedgerows’ which signals to me that I couldn’t see anything from the car other than hedgerows, and we had to stop the car and get out to see anything!Lonely Planet Map of Route we took through Beara Peninsula and then Mizen HeadA map on a sign of the same area with quite different highlighting of towns and sights.Cork Peninsula Route Around IrelandMore on our 2015 trip to Ireland.


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