Kinsale in Cork County, a Colourful Irish City

October 9. 

The instructions to find the Rockview B&B in Kinsale were, “if you’re coming from Skibbereen look for the white house, go left and that’s the Glen Rockview…”

Al wasn’t too impressed with these instructions. “How are we going to find THE white house?” he groused.

Then I saw it, ‘The White House’ and our B&B was just to the left of it. Easy!Our B and B in Kinsale was next to the White HouseOf course, that wasn’t the only white house in Kinsale but almost – this was a very colourful town! The Kinsale tourism poster is as brightly coloured as most of the town although almost every house in it is more or less white.Poster of colourful KinsaleHowever, our B&B, the Rockview House got us started with a very yellow exterior.  Rockview House B&B in Kinsale, IrelandAl fit right in to this brightly coloured town.Rockview B&B in KinsaleThere was pink and green with a dash of orange on the corner.Bright Green & Pink Shop in Kinsale, IrelandTurquoise and green.
Bright Turquiose Market in Kinsale, IrelandOrange, yellow and pink.
Bright Orange Shop in Kinsale, IrelandAnd cerulean and red.Bright Blue Building in Kinsale, IrelandA pink dormer stands out among the grey buildings.  A pink house stands out among the grey ones in Kinsale, IrelandNext up was to Hamlet’s Pub for dinner of mussels for Al and crab on toasts for me. The beer we tested was a Handsum IPA; never could resist a handsome man.At Kinsale's Hamlet's Pub I had a Handsum IPA beerComing from Skibbereen, we spent the day touring a batch of beaches along with the ruins of Timoleague Friary and the Bronze Age Stone Circle in Drombeg.Route on a Lonely Planet Map of Kinsale and CorkMore on our 2015 trip to Ireland.


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