A Batch of Beaches on the Wild Atlantic Way in the North of Ireland

September 26.

This day we followed the Wild Atlantic Way (WAW) route along a batch of beaches on the northwest coast of Ireland: Maghery, Portnoe, Ardara, Malin Beg and into Slieve League…

Sign for the Wild Atlantic Way at Glengesh in Donegal, IrelandOur WAW app first led us to Maghery beach where we ended up admiring the ponies. Horses and ponies on the beach at Maghery Beach in IrelandA long sandy beach and a long walk.view of Maghery Beach in IrelandThe next stop, listed in my journal as the ‘Beach after Maghery Beach’, was less of a beach, more of a rocky, seaweed-clad inlet with photogenic boats.An inner channel with a boat just after Maghery Beach in IrelandAn inner channel with a boat just after Maghery Beach in IrelandIn Portnoe we chatted with a couple who were amazed that we had been to Maghery Beach. “How do you tourists find these places? Even the Irish don’t know about them!”

“Oh,” Al said, “there’s an app for that.”A white house in Portnoe, Ireland“Isn’t it a lovely day?” the woman asked. “Oh, look, there’s a bit of blue sky! There’s a photo op!” (We didn’t manage to get a shot of the blue sky – this was a case of you had to be very fast or you missed it.)

“When the tide’s out you can walk across to the church – there’s an ancient graveyard with Celtic crosses.” They pointed out a sandy causeway to the island just offshore, saying we could make it to the island if we hurried.When the tide is out the beach forms a causeway to an island off of Portnoe in IrelandNext along was Ardara Beach with its Lobster Pod.
The Lobster Pod on Ardara Beach in IrelandThis time I caught the patch of blue sky!Ardara Beach in IrelandA boat on Ardara Beach in IrelandIt was another magical Irish beach.
A tangle of bladder seaweed on Ardara Beach in IrelandThis is my HOMELAND, a home on the bleak landscape of the Donegal Peninsula in IrelandFrom there it was off to Malin Beg Beach. Malin Beg Beach in IrelandPanorama of Malin Beg Beach in IrelandIt was windy enough that one could lean into the wind and not fall over. A windy section off Malin Beg Beach in IrelandAnd finally we drove on to the Slieve League where the roads weren’t nearly as bad as advertised – in fact it appeared that even an overloaded tour bus could get up them, and many did!!!

Our placemat map of County Donegal with the Wild Atlantic Way marked with a thick blue line.
Inishowen Peninsula Route of northwest Ireland


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