The Meaning and Symbolism of Green

Green is naturally soothing.

One version of a soothing green is from Monet’s garden in Giverny, France. Imagine strolling along this path beside a waterlily pond and being inspired by the green that surrounds you. The Pond in Monet's GardenA peaceful trail leading its way through the green light of Marymere Falls in the Olympic National Park, USA. Such an abundance of trees giving off pure oxygen was a breath of fresh air.Trail to Marymere Falls in the Olympic National ParkIreland is full of woodlands and fields with so many variations of green it’s hard to pick just one. Here we made it into Glenveagh National Park and basked in its wild green woodlands.Super green mossy trees in Glenveagh National Park, IrelandAnother soothing green is this mint tea for a shivery spring day in Amsterdam.
Green Mint Tea (Holland)Green, as it tends towards the yellow, is the colour of spring and revitalization, like this willow tree in the spring light.the texture of spring: willow tree in the lightBut green is also associated with poison and bile. Greed and envy can burn acid green into your soul, poisoning all around you. Poison green often tends towards yellow and brown.A bile green bottle of poison at Vancouver's Eastside Culture CrawlThis pit viper in Thailand screams green poisonous beauty.when in the jungle beware of anything greenNephrite jade’s name comes from the Latin ‘lapis nephriticus’ which translates as ‘kidney stone’ and the word ‘jade’ itself comes from the Spanish term ‘piedra de ijada’ or ‘loin stone’. Many people feel that wearing a jade amulet protects the kidney and loins. This is Nephrite jade from BC, Canada where there are huge slabs available. 
A slab of green jade from northern BC

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  1. Cannot but love these – green is my favorite colour and Ireland one of the most beautiful countries. but the viper is something extra…even if snakes are not my favorites at all.

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