Numbers with a Spanish Twist

For the last 25 years I have been working with a friend on a Spanish course called Soleado, and whenever I travel to a Spanish-speaking country I am always on the lookout for vocabulary-building items, and one which always comes in handy is números (numbers).

This is my latest collections of numbers with a Spanish twist.

Maradona, the great Argentinean football star, was always número diezMaradona, the great Argentinean football star was always number 10Counting backwards from trece in the basement of the Monumento de Revolución in Mexico City. Numbers in the basement of the Monumento de Revolucion in Mexico CityHouse numbers are handy to know if you want to give an address to the taxi driver —Está en el número dieciocho en la calle Juan Carlos.Number 18 (with geraniums) in SpainTaxista —¿Cuál es la dirección?
Tú —Está en el número
en la calle Guerrero.House number A28 on a Mascota wall in MexicoVelocidad maxima 40 (cuarenta) kph on a roadway in Costa Rica.velocidad maxima 40kphMexicans love to use decorative tiles for their house numbers such as ‘Casa setenta y ocho‘.Number 78 in Bucerias, MexicoNumber ochenta on a glass door celebrating that Che Guevara was born there in Rosario, Argentina.Number on a glass door in Rosario celebrating that Che Guevara was born there (Argentina)Ochenta y cuatro.Number 84 in Bucerias, MexicoDoscientos seis.Number 206 in Puerto Vallarta, MexicoDoscientos diez was our room number at an all-inclusive, and we had to give it out all the time if we wanted to be fed.Room number 210 on an orange wall in Huatulco, MexicoDoscientos treinta y cinco.Number 235 in Puerto Vallarta, MexicoTrescientos treinta.Number 330 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Número trescientos cincuenta y tres; the number repeated tres veces (3x) as it used to be 101!Number 206 in Puerto Vallarta 353More of Frank’s Photo Challenge: Numbers.

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