Flower-Bedecked Rickshaws in Melaka, Malaysia

Bicycle rickshaws are one of the best ways of getting around small cities in Malaysia. Here is a typical one in Penang, temporarily parked while its owner is away.A fully-equipped bicycle rickshaw with a covered cart and an umbrella, propped up against a blue wall in Penang, Malaysia

In the city of Melaka the bicycle rickshaws have sidecars that they go nuts decorating, making the ride a popular way to get around for both tourists and locals.

A family takes a ride on one of the flower-bedecked bicycle rickshaws in Melaka, MalaysiaOn a break. I love the satin brocade cushions and the pink building in the background.n the city of Melaka they go nuts decorating their rickshaws, MalaysiaYou know you’re off for a special ride on one of these flower-bedecked rickshaws.Decorated Rickshaw in Melaka, MalaysiaMy goodness!
Decorated Rickshaw in Melaka, MalaysiaThey are even more spectacular when night falls.
Decorated Rickshaw in Melaka, MalaysiaHitching a ride.
A lit-up rickshaw in Melaka, MalaysiaA rickshaw streaming by in the night in transit.
Decorated Rickshaw on the Move in Melaka, MalaysiaMore of the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: In-Transit.


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