Tracking Down Photos with Negative Spaces

When I first looked for photos with negative spaces in them the only ones I noticed were all silhouettes. This is my second attempt, this time with non-silhouettes.

Big negative space.

Two people, a dog and a channel marker for scale out on Spanish Banks during an extremely low tide. Here I got rid of all the boats (annoying distracting white dots) and was thinking of getting rid of the clouds and mountains too – I did it too for the long horizontal crop I needed for my theme’s ‘Feature’ image.A sand bar way out on our Spanish Banks extremely low tide walk in Vancouver, CanadaFour men play a game of boules in Aarhus, Denmark. Four men play a game of boules in Aarhus, DenmarkStanding on a wharf in the water.

Weathered lifebuoy on the door of a boathouse in the harbour of Porthgain in Wales.Weathered lifebuoy on a wall in the harbour of Porthgain in WalesI like the way this boat cuts into the water at an angle. A fisherman casting a fishing net off of a small wood boat in the river off of Luang Prabang in LaosNot sure why I like this one….fish and seaweed under green water with a small motor above at the wharf in Tofino, CanadaFeeding a fat seal at Fisherman’s Wharf in Victoria, Canada.Feeding a fat seal at Fisherman's Wharf in Victoria, CanadaPositive shapes cut into a blurred or nondescript background.

Dragon lamppost in Vancouver’s Chinatown against a blurred background.Dragon lamppost in Vancouver's ChinatownDuck drinking from a pipe in Laos.Duck drinking from a pipe in LaosThe sailfish statue at dusk in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.The sailfish statue at sunset in Puerto Escondido, MexicoMore on the Lens-Artist Photo Challenge: Negative Space.

8 responses to “Tracking Down Photos with Negative Spaces

  1. A very beautiful and special series for this theme. pturI’m in awe with the net capture. The angle, composition, and light… are perfect.
    All are perfect choices, Elizabatz!

  2. Enjoyed your flow here and The one you said “for some reason” you liked – well
    Me too- the green value – the shapes and the duality on the photo
    Liked Weathered lifebuoy
    But all
    So nice to explore negative space

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