Unique Items From Around the World

A collection of unique items that I’ve encountered from around the world.

At our Llandudno B&B in Wales we had selection of breakfast yogurts; the ones I’ve never had before included toffee, blackcurrant and gooseberry.  A selection of breakfast jams in Llandudno in Wales is in the tradition of great seaside holiday resorts in BritainAt the Salt House, a craft beer mecca in Galway, the only food on offer was potato chips in unique Irish flavours: Dubliner Irish Cheese & Onion, Roast Beef & Irish Stout, Atlantic Sea Salt & Irish Cider Vinegar. 
Irish potato chips in the Salt House, a Galway Bay craft beer pub in Galway, IrelandWe picked a route around Copenhagen where we passed the Børsen, the oldest stock exchange in Denmark, with its unique twisted dragon steeple. A building whose spiral steeple is made up of twisted dragon tails in Copenhagen, DenmarkThis peacock ‘bird’ boat in Sendai was our fantastical ferry to the seaside village of Matsushima, Japan. This peacock 'bird' boat in Sendai acts as a ferry to the seaside village of Matsushima, JapanI have never before seen a light in the shape of a fly, all part of the unique vision of Escher as part of his museum in Den Haag, Holland. (The museum was pretty unique too!) Fly light in the Escher Museum in Den Haag, HollandMeat in a display case, a rather unique way to sell meat in the mercadito in Marquelia, Mexico. Meat in a display case, a rather unique way to sell meat in the mercadito in Marquelia, MexicoThere was an exhibition of photos in Siem Reap, and at times the venues were as interesting as the photos. These water-related photos were under pools in a courtyard, held down by stones while live fish swam above them (Cambodia).
Photo Exhibit in Siem Reap has the photos underwater, held down by stones, while fish swim above themThere were wild elephants in Khao Yai National Park but we hadn’t seen one all day. Then, just as we neared the exit of the park we screeched to a stop. “Elephant,” cried the guides exultantly, and there it was! A huge bull elephant, ravaging the trees at the side of the road, as big as a bus. The pictures aren’t great – it was dark – but at times we were so close to him he completely filled the frame (Thailand).wild elephant at nightMore of the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Unique.

3 responses to “Unique Items From Around the World

  1. A diverse and interesting selection of photos!
    The peacock ferry caught my eye & my immediate reaction was “must be somewhere in Asia” I can’t imagine BC Ferries signing up for such a boat 🙂

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