Travel Spanish: Getting Comfortable at the Beach

Beach / Relaxing / Mexico.

Getting comfortable at the beach using Spanish. 

A la playa.

Bienvenidos a Playa Manzanillo en Puerto Escondido.  Sign at Playa Manzanillo in Puerto Escondido, Mexico¿Tiene un cojín más gordo?  Playa Manzanillo: getting comfortable at the beach in SpanishBut don’t hog the furniture!  Rules for uso palapas, sombrellas y camastroSometimes there is a charge for shade (sombra) at the beach (playa): sombra, sombrilla, sombrero y palapas.Sign on the beach for chairs & tables to rent in Zihuatanejo¿Cuanto cuesta una sombrilla y un camastro?Bright Beach Umbrellas in Barra de NavidadUna palapa, unas sillas y una mesita (small table). Often tables and chairs are free if you buy food and drink from the restaurant that sponsors them.Sometimes there are hamacas (hammocks), and these are pretty comfy too. Playa San Juanillo, Costa Rica¡Pero no te pongas tan cómodo que nunca te vas! (But don’t get so comfortable you never leave!)mural of skeletons at the beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


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