Standing Stones From Around the World

I’ve been racking my brains for a topic that starts with S. At first the only thing I came up with was ‘Sketches of Stones’ but then I thought ‘Stonehenge’, and it’s in Salisbury. But I couldn’t find my photos of it; it’s probably in multiple boxes of Slides tucked somewhere or other. Then I thought of Standing Stones, both natural and man-made, that show up in surprising places.

So here are some Standing Stone rock formations from around the world.


These fantastic standing stones and pictographs are found in Phu Phra Bat Historical Park, a rented motorcycle distance away from the city of Nong Khai, in Northeast Thailand (Issan).

In many cases the Thai people had wedged in sticks that made it look as if the sticks were holding up the enormous weight of the stones. Balancing Rocks in Phu Phra Bat Park in Southeast ThailandIn another instance they had built a small dwelling into the stone formation.
Stone house built into a natural rock formation of standing stones in Phu Prabat Park, ThailandIn the American South West there are many instances of standing stones.

‘Balancing Rock’ in Arches National Park, Utah.
Balancing Rock in Arches National ParkMexican Hat in Utah, a distinctive standing stone that gives its name to the nearby town.Mexican Hat, a Balancing Rock in the American SouthwestIn Chiricahua National Monument in Arizona, a trail leads down through masses of standing stones. Standing stones in Chiricahua National Monument, Arizona


Pentre Ifan, a burial chamber in Wales.Pentre Ifan Standing Stones in WalesMegalithic tombs at Carrowmore, one of the four major passage tomb complexes in Ireland.Megalithic tombs at Carrowmore, one of the four major passage tomb complexes in IrelandStanding stones: one of many megalithic dolmans in Portugal.Standing stones: a dolman in Castelo de Vide, one small part of PortugalA map of Megaliths & Standing Stones in Castelo de Vide, one small part of Portugal on the Spanish border.The map of Megaliths & Standing Stones in one small part of PortugalFinally, the Inukshuk in front of a Smoky Sun Set in August and September when our province was on fire. Inukshuks are the traditional Inuit way of Stacking Stones to act as a trail marker (Vancouver, Canada). Inukshuk, the traditional Inuit way of stacking stones to act as a trail marker, Vancouver, CanadaFor more of the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Starts with the Letter S.

18 responses to “Standing Stones From Around the World

  1. Wow, Elizabeth. This is a great collection of standing stones. It’s a fabulous idea for the challenge. You’re the first one to think of them! I recognized the one in Vancouver. It’s a favorite walk of ours!

    • There’s something awe-inspiring about standing stones – I always thought it was because I wondered about how they happened (in the case of natural) or how they were made to happen (in the case of the ancients). But even the Inukshuk has some of that quality, even though it’s new and was much easier to put together. The walk is a favourite of many people, even in the pouring rain…

  2. A very clever and creative response to the challenge Elizabeth. I’ve seen some mini-versions of standing stones that people leave behind on hiking paths and beaches, as well as some in Utah which are awesome, but your collection is truly amazing! Great idea.

    • For the longest time I thought that Stonehenge and Easter Island were the only two standing stones in the world – I was astonished to find them in Wales, and then later in Portugal there were so many we were tripping over them. Then came the natural ones – it doesn’t even seem possible that they exist. There’s something mesmerizing about the mini-standing stones on beaches…

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