The Most Memorable Thing Elizabeth Ate That Year

After I described my blog to a woman on the beach she said it should have been called, ‘What is Elizabeth eating today?’

Because I’m years behind on my blogging I have modified the name to ‘The Most Memorable Thing Elizabeth Ate That Year’ and decided to pick my favourite food or drink discovery from every trip going back in time (ate) eight years.

1. December 2019 we went down the Pacific Coast of Mexico. We didn’t really try out a lot of new meals on this trip, just indulged in a lot of our favourites such as Tacos Pastor, ceviche, guacamole, Sopa Azteca and shrimp-stuffed avocados. Since this turned out to be our last trip in a long time I’m glad I have the memories to sustain me. The best new discovery of the trip would have to Chamoy – a sweet-sour-salty red sauce with a chile bite that is drizzled over a variety of fruit, and also found in a custard chamoy-ripple ice cream. Here this beach treat has chamoy on top with extra lashings of hot chile spice. Warning, this is quite addictive!
Chamoy drizzled pineapple carried by a beach vendor to tempt customers lounging on the beach in Puerto Escondido, Mexico2. In May-June of 2018 we went to Denmark and Sweden, and came home addicted to Smorrebord, the famous open-faced sandwiches of Denmark, rye bread piled high with goodies. Smorrebord (butter-bread), what they call the famous open-faced sandwiches of Denmark. This at a some-what fancy café in Copenhagen.Special mention on this trip goes to my cousin in Sweden who made up two favourite food discoveries: Rabarbergrød, rhubarb jelly served with port and drizzled with cream, along with Rödspätta fish. This is why it is good to collect food memories – these food discoveries go back 53 years, from my trip to Denmark in 1965, and now I have the recipe for the rhubarb jelly! Rhubarb Jelly & Port for dessert in Sweden3. In 2017 we moved from our home of 32 years to an apartment. It was very traumatic for me as I like to keep everything I’ve ever owned all around me and that just wasn’t possible. We really only got away at the end of the year where we collapsed at an all-inclusive in Huatulco, Mexico. The best part was that every lunch they had a selection of two different ceviches, and I had to try every one. This is Pulpo Enamorado, which translate as ‘Octopus in Love’ or possibly ‘In Love with Octopus’…Pulpo Enamorado, a type of octopus salad in Huatulco, Mexico4. In 2016, May in Wales, England our B&B hostess introduced us to a herbal gin-based cocktail using Pimm’s Cup with strawberries, cucumber and mint. Pimm's Cup, the perfect drink for an early summer day5. In 2015 in September, October we took a road trip through both Irelands. The food was uniformly great in the Republic part of Ireland where they have rejected everything English including English cooking. I discovered soda bread, fabulous crab, the best cheddar in the world and Irish Seafood Chowder. But my very favourite discovery was Chocolate Milk Stout!
Beer Taps at Dublin's Black Sheep Pub5 again. 2015, May-June in Holland and France. Holland had aged Gouda (wow!), and a Cherry Lambic called Kriek Boon. We can get the aged Gouda here in Canada but the Kreik Boon is only a dream. France had Farm Cider Brut done in champagne-style (another dream memory) and Neufchatel cheese, heart-shaped and tasting like Camembert but even yummier! Neufchatel cheese for sale in Livarot6. 2014, October in northern Spain. Pinchos (pintxos), a bar snack elevated to the highest form in Bilbao. And the variety was staggering!Pinchos (pintxos), a bar snack elevated to the highest form in Bilbao, Spain7. November and December of 2013: Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam. These delicious ‘crepe-like’ pancakes are found all over Vietnam with a variety of savoury fillings. If you have a thin well-seasoned steel fry pan that heats up quickly, with a little bit of practice, you too can turn out this tasty summer appetizer.

8. April, May 2012: It was in Belgium that I actually discovered beer. Before this it wasn’t really on my radar except for really hot summer days. My journal ended up with a special section at the back devoted to beer tasting, and I see there are 8 PAGES of posts devoted to beer-tasting in Belgium. Our favourite brewery of the entire trip was the Caracole Brasserie, well worth making a detour for if you happen to be in the area on a Saturday, the only day they do tours. Here our host/tour guide demonstrates how to drink a Belgian beer while the rest of us look on in wonder! Our Tour Guide Demonstrates How to Drink Caracole BeerHonourable mention in Belgium should go to the delectable white asparagus that was in season only for the few weeks we happened to be there. Here is my ‘Gratin van asperges’ at the Cambrinus in Bruges. The white asparagus is more delicate than our green asparagus at home. It was served ‘au gratin’ in a creamy sauce made of Bruges cheese (sort of like Gruyere) with a hint of nutmeg. Since green asparagus from Mexico just arrived in Vancouver March 1st, I’ve been trying to put together some of the yummy asparagus meals that we indulged in when in Belgium. Asparagus au Gratin in the CambrinusMore of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Ate or Eight.

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