Horseshoe Falls and a Hidden Church in Llangollan, Wales

The Lens-Artists Challenge this week is ‘Getting Away’, and I realize that, although the restrictions of staying in our own region of the province (BC) were lifted June 15, we haven’t gone anywhere, other than out to dinner a LOT! However, I suppose going through banks of photos and journals from trips abroad constitutes getting away, at least in my head! So here is a portion of a wonderful loop-drive on our first full day in Wales in 2016.

May 28, Saturday. (Route map at the end of the post.)

Surrounding landscape on our drive to Llangollen, Wales

After a visit to a trio of tiny, perfect towns, a very snaky road led us to Llangollan.

The area was full of wooded hills and dales that appeared as if they had been painted by one of the early landscape artists. Wooded landscape on the drive to Llangollen in WalesWe stopped first at Horseshoe Falls, obviously man-made and a bit disappointing at first.A large old tree in front of the Horseshoe falls at Llangollen, WalesBut then a bunch of rafters appeared and that looked as if it could prove interesting. Rafters heading down to Horseshoe Falls in Llangollen, WalesA group of rafters in blue helmets entering the waters. Rafters wearing blue helmets about to enter the water and navigate Horseshoe Falls in Llangollen, WalesAttempting to negotiate the ‘falls’ part of Horseshoe Falls looks tricky. Tricky rafting at the Horseshoe Falls in Llangollen, WalesVery tricky….Rafters attempting to negotiate the 'falls' part of Horseshoe Falls in Llangollen, WalesHorseshoe Falls was surrounded by green woodlands and a sign indicated that there was a church along a small footpath.Queen Anne's Lace and green field in the woods by in Llangollen, WalesWandering into the woods we discovered this small church hidden away.Tombstone in front of the hidden church in Llangollen, WalesSome of the tombstones looked like giant chess pieces.Tombstone in front of the hidden church in Llangollen, WalesThe churches in Wales have a unique flooring style. This is simpler than most but still interesting.tiled floor in the hidden church in Llangollen, WalesSomeone had left a basket of wild garlic on the doorstep.A basket of wild garlic at the Hidden Church in Llangollen, WalesThe Lonely Planet map showing the loop drive we made on our 2nd day in Wales. The Lonely Planet map showing the loop drive we made on our 2nd day in WalesOur next stop was Pontcysylite Aqueduct, very high up with boats making their way down the narrow canal on top.

15 responses to “Horseshoe Falls and a Hidden Church in Llangollan, Wales

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  2. What a marvelous getaway — and in Wales, a country we’ve never visited. I do have a small connection. When I was in 6th grade, I had a pen pal who lived in Wales. She sent me a coin, and I think it’s still in my jewelry box! Thanks for beautiful pictures. I’m partial to the ones featuring the brave souls in the water, but all are lovely. And thanks for mentioning our screened-in porch — we love the peacefulness, watching the birds splash about in their birdbath, and our lamps so we can read out there! Life is good whether we’re traveling or not. Wishing you a good summer.

  3. I agree Elizabeth that our previous photos are a great way to “get away” when Covid won’t let us revisit! Loved your images, especially of the rafters going over the falls!

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