Varberg Fortress in Sweden

In Falconberg we stayed in a Scandinavian-designed hostel, where even the recycling sorting station was a wok of art.

From there we headed off to a place considerably older, the Varberg Fortress from 1650.

Varberg City SignageOnion domes make this pier look like something out of Russia but despite the 31° heat in early June it wasn’t yet open for the season. Beach pavilion with onion-domed roofs in Varberg Fortress, SwedenI was taking a photo of this date of 1650 when a woman asked me why I was doing that. I told her that I was from the west coast of Canada and there wasn’t much in existence dating before 1870. To see something this old and still standing, maybe even liveable, was exciting. “Of course it’s liveable,” she exclaimed, “my son lives here!” 
A red wall of the Varberg Fortress, built in 1650 in SwedenOkay, the windows don’t look original. Dark pink walls on the buildings of the Varberg Fortress, SwedenThis stone structure has withstood the ages. Panorama of the stone wall with a bell and arched entrance at the Varberg Fortress, SwedenThis is the view of an island out from the ramparts.Island in the ocean off of Varberg Fortress in SwedenInside was a museum, with this painting of a similar view, only from several hundred years ago. painting of typical red-painted buildings in Varberg Fortress, SwedenA loose sketch of the nearby landforms – I love it. sketch of the nearby landscape in Varberg Fortress, SwedenAnother series of views done as a triptych.Triptych of landscape paintings near Varberg Fortress, SwedenThen there was this painting of a huge creepy family – where all everyone looked as if they had the same face attached to different sized bodies. This side of the painting shows the male lineage…painting of the males in a rather spooky family in the museum at Varberg Fortress, Sweden…and this side the female side. painting of the females in a rather spooky family in the museum at Varberg Fortress, SwedenAn even more ancient stone carved with the chariot that carried the sun through the sky.petroglyph of a ship carrying the sun across the sky in the Museum at Varberg Fortress, SwedenView out the window overlooking the ocean. Window overlooking the ocean in Varberg Fortress, SwedenHere looking over the inner courtyard. Window in Varberg Fortress looking out over the building (Sweden)Metal spiral staircases and shadows on the deep pink walls. Spiral staircase and shadow at the Varberg Fortress in SwedenThere were cannons covered with stickers pointed in the direction of the city. Cannon covered with stickers at the Varberg Fortress, Sweden

This ancient door of patched metal…metal door in Varberg Fortress, Swedenlead to toilets that were shipshape and industrially enticing.
The industrial-looking toilet door at the Varberg Fortress in SwedenWhat can I say – I’m in love with the toilets! Modern industrial-designed sinks in the toilet at Varberg Fortress, SwedenOn the way out we saw some wharves with boats and a sign advertising fishing trips. The sign contained illustrations of fish, including the Rödspätta, (‘Red Spot’ in English), a type of Plaice, one of my most memorable meals the first time I was in Denmark in 1965. Illustration of a favourite fish dish: Redspot / Rödspätta (Plaice in English)From here we set the GPS to my cousin’s place just slightly inland from Goteborg.

More about our trip to Denmark & Sweden in 2018.

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