A Few Oddball Art Exhibits in Utrecht

First off, a museum we didn’t have time to visit but from what little we saw, we really missed something.

Museum Speelklok, a museum of music-making machines. Here are some animated holograms jive dancing in an antique music machine. This museum rates 4.6 on Google.Animated Holograms at the Music-Making Museum in UtrechtWanna play? This artwork is about self-exposure, living in a glass house, your every move available to the passerby, and online. His online chats on Grindr and Tinder dating sites were scrolling down a screen.

Self-exposure Art in Utrecht, Holland Artist Statement: Self-exposure Artist Statement

Chatting online with the entire world to see. Self-exposure Art 'Exhibit' in Utrecht, HollandOne thing about art is that it allows you to see the world through someone else’s perspective and makes you think. When we walked by the actual he was putting together lunch and we were inspired to go to lunch ourselves in one of Utrecht’s many fabulous pubs, most of which came with an added bonus of a bar cat.
Self-exposure Art in Utrecht, HollandBody stamp. The artist provides the T-shirt and slowly, carefully rolls the person over a blue inky paper.
Press Body Art in Utrecht, HollandThey have to get up a certain way to not smear the ink.
Press Body Art in Utrecht, HollandTada! This is so cool!
Press Body Art in Utrecht, HollandI have googled this a variety of ways but can’t find much about it. Search terms: ‘body pressed onto a painted surface’. I wish I had taken a picture of the poster so I would know the name of the artist!
Press Body Art in Utrecht, Holland

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