Pentre Ifan Standing Stones in Wales

June 5, 2016.

Something that surprised me from our first trip to Wales was how many Standing Stones and Dolmans there were. On our second trip in 2016 we were determined to see a lot more of them.

Pentre Ifan Standing Stones in WalesI had always thought Stonehenge was one of a kind but it seems the British Isles are studded with them. The Pentre Ifan is a megalithic burial chamber, created in the Neolithic Age, perhaps as early as 3,500 B.C. The standing stones at PentreIfan, WalesThe tomb is a Dolmen type with the capstone, probably weighing over 16 tons, supported by just three uprights. The standing stones at PentreIfan, WalesFrom an old etching of it.Painting of Pentre Ifan Standing Stones in WalesThe site was located in rolling farmland.

A fence separating the standing stones at PentreIfan, Wales from the farm next to itA short drive away we saw the Blue Stone Brewery and screeched to a stop. Bluestone brewing in WalesKeeping with the ‘stone’ theme the beers on tap include the Crystal Ruby and the Hammer Stone IPA. The proprietor said that 2 1/2 years ago there were only 30 Craft Beer Breweries in Wales and now (June, 2016) there are 88. Beer taps at Bluestone Brewing in WalesLonely Planet map of Pembrokeshire. Pentre Ifan Dolman was just after our stop at Castell Henllys Iron Age Fort as we were coming from Cardigan. Annotated Lonely Planet map of the Pembrokeshire Coast in WalesMore about our 2016 trip to Wales and England.

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