Arriving in Grebbestad on the Bohuslän Coast of Sweden

June 4, 2018. From Alingsås we drove a leisurely route to the Bohuslän coast of Sweden, continuing along it and stopping at the seaside villages of Grundsund, Fiskebäckskil and Fjällbacka before arriving at Grebbestad, our stop for the night.

We had booked a B&B from my cousin’s place but the door was locked when we arrived. On the door there was a notice with a number to phone, but ever since we had arrived in Sweden the SIM card we had purchased in Denmark didn’t work.

We were about to drive into town to see if we could locate a functioning phone when a car turned into the driveway. The driver was not the owner but another guest. However, he did have a code to get in, and lent us his phone so we could contact the owner.

Our room was second on the right; plain with unmade beds, shared bathroom down the hall. The ad had said that we might have to make the beds, but at $132 a night with a shared bathroom I really hadn’t expected that!

The best part was that the B&B was just a couple of blocks from the sea walk. Even though most of the restaurants appeared to be closed it was very pleasant walking along the waterfront in the late afternoon.

A red building with a series of black doors leading into boat lockers of some sort.A red boathouse with a series of black doors in the Swedish seaside town of Grebbestad, SwedenA blue bike propped up against a dark red wall.Bike against a red building in Grebbestad, SwedenAt the end of the sea walk was a pizza place that was open but didn’t serve beer. Al was ‘grumpling’ (a word my cousin had made up) and hot (31°C). He wanted a beer. We came back along the main road and found every restaurant  closed until we hit Hertigan Restaurant. It seemed that apart from a pizza joint it was the only place in town that appeared to be open on a Monday.

Al gets his beer; finally he’s happy! Beer from the Grebbestad Brewery at the Hertigan RestaurantWe sampled several beers from the local Grebbestad Brewery. The first was an EKO IPA, a session beer, plus two done in American Pale Ale style..EKO Beer from the Grebbestad Brewery at the Hertigan RestaurantA different beer, a different glass…
Grebbestad Beer Glass at the Hertigan RestaurantThis was a complementary side plate, a strange coleslaw that crossed the line over to sauerkraut.strange coleslaw at the Hertigan RestaurantSpicy shrimp in Grebbestad.Spicy shrimp in Grebbestad, SwedenGreek salad in a bun.Greek salad in a bun in Grebbestad, SwedenJenny at the the Hertigan Restaurant Bar showing off their enormous candle.Jenny at the the Hertigan Restaurant Bar showing off their enormous candleOutside they were playing some sort of ‘Viking’ game popular in Sweden, where the small wooden ‘men’ are knocked down.
A 'Viking' game popular in Grebbestad, SwedenAnnotated Google map of our route for our road trip through Sweden’s Bohuslän Coast. The places where we stayed are marked with yellow circles. The route itself is very roughly marked – in reality there were lots of detours and turnarounds. Annotated Google map of Bohuslan, Sweden's Northwest Coast

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