Confessions of a Pebble Picker-Upper

I blame my mom.

We’d wander along the nearby Qualicum Beach and pick up so many beach pebbles that we were staggering under the load. Then we’d bring them home. Eventually we had so many that my dad made a stone patio from them.
Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island, CanadaIsland pebbles turning me into a mosaic.a Stone Mosaic of MeI still pick up pebbles from beaches, rivers and wherever they catch my eye, all over the world. Sometimes the pebbles are truly ‘treasures’ like this semi-precious red jasper on a Welsh beach. Jasper on the beach at Aberderon in WalesOn the same beach was also a beautiful green chert, seen here with red jasper embedded in it.Jasper on the beach at Aberderon in WalesYellow jasper from a beach in Costa Rica. 
pebbles found on the beach and gathered in a coconut shellHere is a pink stone (or coral?) I picked up from Traemore Beach in Ireland. Al has tried to limit my ‘rock’ weight to two pounds but he eventually gave up and bought me a stone polisher for Christmas.Pink stone at Traemore Beach in IrelandI went crazy with that stone polisher. When polished, the smaller stones look the same way they did when the waves rushed over them, after they receded leaving wet glistening jewels for the picking. I even started polishing the small boring stones that surfaced in my garden. Collected beach pebbles in my Chinese herbal medicine cabinetAll rocks all have personality and when you gather a bunch from one area there’s often a family resemblance. Here’s a rock family that someone else gathered together at Ruby Beach in the Olympic National Park, Washington.Rock Family at Ruby Beach in the Olympic National Park, WashingtonCosta Rican stone and relatives. Costa Rican stone and relativesThese greenish Dallasite stones are from Dallas Rd. in Victoria on Vancouver Island, BC. greenish Dallasite stones from Victoria on Vancouver Island, BCWhen I’m holding a smooth water-washed pebble in my hand it feels like I’m holding a talisman. polished grey spotted beach pebblesI didn’t find any fossils when I was exploring a fossil-laden beach in Odense but I was just as fascinated by the flints. Circle of flint with crystals in the centre, along with close-up of the translucent nature of flintLately I have started photographing them on site especially when the background is as interesting as this sand wall embedded with fossil shells at Sandcut Beach on Vancouver Island.
stone laying on fossil bed at Sandcut BeachUnderwater crew: a reunion of rocks in the clear waters of Okanogan Lake, big and little, they all have a family resemblance.
A reunion of rocks in the clear waters of Okanogan Lake, big and little, they all have a family resemblance

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