An Evening in the Golden Hours of Grebbestad, Sweden

June 4, 2018. From Alingsås we drove a leisurely route to the Bohuslän coast of Sweden, continuing along it and stopping at the seaside villages of Grundsund, Fiskebäckskil and Fjällbacka before arriving at Grebbestad, our stop for the night.

We had arrived in Sweden in the middle of an unprecedented heat wave, and once we had settled in our Grebbestad B&B it took some time, food and a fair few beer to finally cool down.

When we came out of the restaurant I noticed that it was just hitting the golden hour down in the harbour area. Sun setting in the harbour at Grebbestad, SwedenI was snapping pictures like crazy, racing down the road, shouting at Al, “Hurry, hurry, I have to catch the sun before it’s gone.”Fishing boat and nets spread out to dry in Grebbestad, SwedenBoats basking in the golden hour.
Boats in the harbour in late afternoon light
Behind us the sun created this highlighted view of the town. The late afternoon light gilds the boathouses in front of a churchWe carried on down the road.Boats in the harbour in late afternoon lightSilhouettes of the buoys at the marina. Buoys line up all in a row in the water off of Grebbestad, SwedenThe sun half an hour later. At this point I realized how far north we were, and that we were only 17 days away from the longest day.Sun setting in the harbour at Grebbestad, SwedenHouses catching a few rays. Evening light on the houses of Grebbestad, SwedenAlong the way we discovered a whole bunch more restaurants that were open. Since the sun wasn’t going anywhere fast we stopped at Grebys for a beer. Grebys RestaurantA beer tap at Grebys that dispenses ‘Tail of a Whale Wheat Ale’ by Brutal Brewing.
Beer tap at Grebys that dispenses Tail of a Whale Wheat Ale by Brutal Brewing‘A Ship Full of IPA’, also by Brutal Brewing – I love the designs…Beer tap at Grebys for 'A Ship Full of IPA' by Brutal BrewingOf course we had the IPA, and are familiar enough with beer descriptions to almost be able to read the description in Swedish… hmmmm… medium lager with aromas of grapefruit, melon, citrus and some kind of flower using Cascade and Amarillo hops from America and the Australian Galaxy hop. Fresh with 40 EBU (IBU, International Bitter Units) and hmmm..Description on a beer tap at Grebys for A Ship Full of IPA by Brutal BrewingAl had a ‘Ship Full of IPA’ and I tested the West Coast IPA from Grebbstad Brewery. It was still light out an hour later.Beer from the Grebbestad BreweryThis is the sky two hours after I had been racing down the waterfront shouting, “Hurry, hurry!”Boats at the marina in Grebbestad, Sweden

June 5, 2018.

After a good night’s sleep we got up for a rather lovely breakfast of cereal, juice, coffee, yogurt, cold cuts, cheese and bread at our Grebbestad B&B, enough to get us going for a couple of 6K walks through the petroglyphs of Tanum, a place where the Bronze Agers hung out. Breakfast of cereal, juice, coffee, yogurt, cold cuts, cheese and bread at our Grebbestad B&BAnnotated Google map of our route for our road trip through Sweden’s Bohuslän Coast. The places where we stayed are marked with yellow circles. The route itself is very roughly marked – in reality there were lots of detours and turnarounds. Annotated Google map of Bohuslan, Sweden's Northwest Coast


7 responses to “An Evening in the Golden Hours of Grebbestad, Sweden

  1. I had a good laugh at your rushing about not knowing you had 2 more hours Elizabeth! Your beautiful lighting is incredible tho – well worth the effort. And LOL for the beers!

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