Protest House in Fishguard, Wales

June 5, 2016, Sunday. Cardigan to Newport. After an eventful morning going way back in time to the Stone Age at Pentre Ifan (and its associated brewery), we then moved ahead in time to an Iron Age Fort at Castell Henllys, after which we went for a long walk along Dinas Head (where Al saved a sheep). The next stop was supposed to be Llanwnda with its inscribed stones and burial chambers, but we somehow missed this, instead finding an interesting old church and…

…a funky house with an overgrown yard and lots of signs.

overgrown yard at the 'protest' house in Fishguard, WalesIt was actually a café, open until late, with organic coffee and tea, as seen on BBC1 and Radio 4.
at the 'protest' house in Fishguard, WalesQuite the wonderful mess! 1at the 'protest' house in Fishguard, WalesThis welcomes you to their home and gallery, a bureaucRAT free zone, and notes that ‘we are not insured or approved of by the council of health & safety.’A sign telling the story at the 'protest' house in Fishguard, WalesAn old boat from 1860.a boat called the Sea Fury at the 'protest' house in Fishguard, WalesHere is why I called it the ‘Protest House’.overgrown yard at the 'protest' house in Fishguard, WalesA very charming flea-bitten cat came out to get us and I was all over it (and itchy all the way back to our B&B).

More of the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Flights of Fancy.


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