Singapore & Malaysia

A five-week journey in 2011 to Singapore & Malaysia, with a stop for a week to revisit our favourite hotel in Ko Lanta, Thailand



October 31: Our flight to Singapore and its surprising airport

November 2: Our first day in Singapore

November 3: Attempting to explore the Singapore Harbour

November 4: Taking the escalator to Chinatown.

  • SAM, the Singapore Art Museum
  • A show at the Esplanade

November 5: a Singapore send-off to Malaysia


Melaka (Malacca)

  • Our tricky arrival in Melaka

November 6: Our first day in Melaka

November 7: A full day of exploration which includes Chili Crab in Portugis

November 8:

November 9:

Kuala Lumpur

  • Kuala Lumpur (KL) and another tricky arrival

November 10: Exploring KL

November 11: Another crazy bus adventure

Cameron Highlands

November 12:

Trekking through the Mud, Searching for the Largest Flower in the World.

November 13: Renting a Motorcycle

November 14: a travel day to Pangkor


November 15: A day off at the beach

November 16: Another motorcycle adventure

  • Beach of the Pavilions
  • The wharves at the tiny fishing village
  • The ‘downtown’ of the next fishing village
  • A fabulous food discovery

November 17: Snorkelling & Snakes

November 18: Monkey Snatch Day at the Beach

November 19: The ferry from Pangkor to Penang


November 19: Our First day in Penang

November 20: Fort Cornwallis

November 21: Another Happy Motorcycle Day

  • The Historical Jetties, a World Heritage Site in Penang
  • Temples
  • The Funicular
  • Another Temple, the ‘Big’ Temple


November 22: Ferry to Langkawi

November 23 & 24: On the Beach Mostly

November 25: Another Motorcycle Adventure

November 26: Up early for a Four-Hour ‘Cruise’ to Ko Lanta in Thailand