WPC: Street Life in Hanoi

Traffic is insane in Hanoi. Sidewalks aren’t for walking on, they’re for parking on. Motorcycles weave in and out of pedestrians and visa versa. Everyone lives out on the streets; doors are wide open with life spilling out onto the streets and there doesn’t seem to be any concept of privacy.

I was trying to capture the insane movement and traffic of Hanoi. This orange vendor, burdened with her heavy load, was the only person moving slow enough to be in focus.
Hanoi Street Vendor of Oranges You can suffer in the cold, or you can have fun!
Street Cafe in Hanoi Another orange vendor in slow motion.
Hanoi Street: Orange Vendor One of the many narrow alleys in the Old Quarter.
street life in an narrow alley in HanoiThis wedding takes place in a marked-off area of the street; the photographer manages to take wedding photos despite the traffic whizzing by.
Hanoi Street Wedding Motorcycle taxi drivers taking a break.
Motorcycles Drivers Taking a Break Somewhere under this mass of pottery is a bicycle and a transaction going on. What I’m amazed at is how the vendor manages to get through all that insane traffic without breaking all that chinaware.
Hanoi Bicycle Pottery Vendor

For more on this challenge: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/03/28/street-life/

22 responses to “WPC: Street Life in Hanoi

  1. Wonderful! Great way to capture that hectic and crazy street life. I feel like you caught the moment really well! I don’t know if I’d want my wedding shots out on the street with all that craziness! 🙂

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  7. I particularly like the last one with the pottery – it seems full of chaos at first glance. Holding it all together must be a skill in itself. You captured this wonderfully

    • The Old Quarter is a great place to stay, lots of interesting inexpensive hotels and food galore, and because of the narrowness of the streets, it is almost pedestrian-friendly, at least compared to the rest of the city…

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