Travelling Around the (Wild) West of USA & Canada

On the road and on the water. Travelling through Western Canada and the States, great big countries with their towns far and few between, the inventors of the road trip.

Just BC

BC & Alberta


Scenic road trip to the Olympic Peninsula
More on Washington



Around Moab
More Utah





2 responses to “Travelling Around the (Wild) West of USA & Canada

  1. I think more about Edmonton, Canada needs to be added to this list. There are many reasons to visit. I am an avid hockey fan but also a fan of business entrepreneurs like Daryl Katz. His family pharmacy empire grew tenfold under his direction and management. He paid $200 million for the Edmonton Oilers . in 2008 and he is currently working to refocus his efforts to build Canada’s largest mixed use-sports and entertainment district. He is by far one of the most successful businessmen in North America. I am looking forward to seeing how he helps to take this team to the next level and what is next venture will be. He is really focusing on helping Edmonton become a fantastic tourist destination.

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