Dad’s Stories

Editor/Daughter’s Note: My dad wrote up several journals of his memories starting from Langeland, Denmark where he was born in 1921 and carrying on to Scandinavia and then to Canada where he immigrated in 1949.

Forward from my Dad’s Journal of Memories.

Denmark, 1921 to 1945.

Dad's painting of the 'Ice Cream' man and his horse in Denmark

Around Scandinavia in the Late 1940s.Dad's painting of a horse running through the snow

Emigrating to Canada, 1949.Dad's painting of a train trip through the wilds of Ontario, 1949

  • Crossing the Pond to Canada, 1949
  • A Train Ride through Ontario in mid-December 1949
  • Saskatchewan in the Winter Time, 1949
  • Ocean Falls Pulp, on the BC Coast, 1950
  • Driftnetting the Forest on the BC Coast, 1951
  • Working the Greenchain at a Cedar Mill in False Creek Vancouver, 1951
  • Working at the Hotel Vancouver, Canada 1951
  • Arctic Ice Cream, 1952
  • Life Change, 1952
  • Seven More Years on the Greenchain, Chemainus, BC 1953-60
  • That Old House, Chemainus, 1953-60