Over the last 20 plus years we have spent about 10 months travelling all over Asia. I have over 20 photo albums worth of old-fashioned photos to scan and a few dozen travel journals to transcribe so its going to be a while before this list is anywhere near complete.

Cambodia 2007

India 2010Taking tourists for a (camel) ride in the That desert by Jaisalmer, India

Japan 2003

Laos 2007

Myanmar 2013U Bein Bridge in Mandalay, Myanmar

Singapore & Malaysia 2011The grocery store in Pangkor, I think. Or may be just tea, liquids and candy. Sometimes you can sound out Malaysian words and discover the meaning: this bright stores has TEH HERBA (easy) and BAN KAH CHAI (not so much)

Thailand 1993/2007/2011/2013

The feet of the Lying Buddha in are inlaid with 'mother of pearl' in Wat Po, Bangkok, Thailand

Just the Yummy Thai Food Posts

Vietnam 2013evening performance in the pouring rain of Hanoi, Vietnam

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