Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar 2013

We were in Myanmar November/December 2013 at a time when it was difficult to get around the country: airlines were not yet able to handle credit card transactions; wifi was extremely iffy; the price of hotels was at least double that listed in the latest Lonely Planet; pristine US dollars were king and there were only about four ATMs in the entire country. On the other hand, the people had a wonderful innocence and spirituality, and the country and beaches were unspoiled. Totally magical and mystical. GO!!!


Getting a Visa for Myanmar in Bangkok
Cover Art for Books about Myanmar (Photo Challenge)
Changing Signs of the Times in Myanmar
Aerial Shots of the Patterns of Fields and Rivers
Aerial Shots of the Abstract Patterns of Fields
Gambling Games and Illegal Playing Cards
Crown of Thorns Flowers
Bare Feet and Buddha
Burmese Ginger Thoke Melon & Lentil Salad
Burmese Anise Pork BBQ with Traditional Fruity Dipping Sauce
The Slow Time of Day
Shiny Golden Buddhas in Myanmar

Mandalay: a dusty provincial town with many interesting sights

An Adventure: Flying into Mandalay
Recalculating: All About Arriving in Myanmar
Our First Meal in Myanmar (It Was Delicious)
The Royal Palace in Mandalay
Shadows on the Tower of the Royal Palace
Shwenandaw Monastery, Buddha’s Story in Carved Teak
Kuthodaw Pagoda, the ‘Temple of the Book’
A Motorcycle Tour of (a Few) Monasteries and Pagodas of Mandalay
The Gold-Pounder’s Workshop & a Burmese Lunch

Aung Aung and the Tour on our Second Day in Mandalay

How NOT to Fly Out of Mandalay

Inle Lake: magical!
Inle Lake: Waterway Marker
The Monastery at the Edge of Town
Burmese Monks in the Shadows
Little Monks Running Around
The Food Market in Nyaung Shwe
A Stroll Down to the Lake’s Edge

Introducing Mr. Win and his Boat Tour of Inle Lake

Bike Trip Around Inle Lake (Part 1)
Bike Trip Around Inle Lake (Part 2)
Signs Seen on our Bike Tour of Inle Lake
A Short Trek into the Surrounding Countryside
Food, Drink and Hotels at Nyaung Shwe on Inle Lake
Wondering Where the Money Went!

View of a Few of the Temples of Bagan from Ananda Temple
Arriving in Bagan, City of Temples
Really, Really Hot Chiles for Dinner!
Sein Nyet Pagoda in Bagan
Giant Buddhas in Manuha Temple
Thatbyinnyu Phaya and the Temple of Children
Ananda Pagoda, the Most Significant Temple in Bagan
Golden Stupa in a Golden Sunset
Day Two Temples in Bagan

Ngapali Beach

Textures on Ngpali Beach
Dialogue Between Stones on the Beach
Seafood in Myanmar: the Green Umbrella

Yangon (Rangoon)

Pagoda of the Buddha Hair Relic
A Golden Pagoda in the Middle of a Traffic Circle
The Great Shwedagon Pagoda
Street Food that I Should Have Eaten, But Didn’t
Betel Leaves: How to Turn Your Teeth Red
the golden stupa of Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar

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