Mexico Plus: Food, Drink, Travel

Mexico + Central America + the Caribbean: Food, Drink, Travel!

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By Region: with food and travel notes

Costa Rica



The Pacific Region of Mexico

Map of Mexico, places to visit between Mazatlan & Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta
Pueblos Mágicos on the slow bus to Guadalajara from Puerto Vallarta (or visa versa)

These little ‘Magic Towns’ are worth visiting. There are only three buses per day on this route so if you’re taking the bus you would probably want to stay in one of them. You can also do them as day trips from Puerto Vallarta but it’s expensive (~$100 pp) and you end up spending way too much time on the road. Another alternative would be to rent a car and tour around. Al’s choice of a place to stay would be San Sebastian at Los Arcos de Sol. I am undecided – they were all marvellous!

Jalisco, the Land of Mariachis & Tequila
South of Guadalajara
  • Ajijic
  • Around Lake Chapala
  • Colima’s Adopt-a-Gringo Day
    • Comalón, where you can eat all day for the price of a beer
  • Manzanillo
  • Barra de Navidad
    • Colomilla
    • Malaque
The Mid-West Region of Mexico
North East Loop from Guadalajara

All About the Food of Mexico by Region

Menu from the Central Region of Mexico

A Tour of the Eateries of Mexico City

Mexican Cooking, from the State of Sinaloa
Mexican Cooking, the Food of Michoacan
Mexican Cooking from Puebla
Mexican Cooking from Oaxaca, the Land of the 7 Moles
Mexican Cooking, from Veracruz
Mexican Cooking from the Yucatán

Food & Recipes from Mexico Listed by Category

Drinks and Bebidas ¡Salud!

Appetizers and Bocadillos…

Salads and Ensaladas…

Ensalada de camarones, or shrimp salad

Soups and Sopas…

Main Courses…


Desserts and Postres…

Foods From Mexico

  • Gifts from Mexico (& Central America) to the World
    • Chiles
    • Chocolate
    • Corn (Maíz)
      • Tortillas
    • Nopales, Prickly Pear Paddles
    • Tomatillos, known as ‘Tomates’ in Mexico
    • Tomates (Tomatoes), known as ‘Jitomates’ in Mexico
    • Oregano mexicano
    • Peanuts
    • Vanilla
  • Other Popular Ingredients
    • Bananas (& Plantains)
    • Citrus
    • Rice

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