Northwest Argentina’s Coloured Sandstone Desert

At the edge of the Andes lies the Quebrada de Humahuaca, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with multi-coloured sandstone formations.

The whole northwest of Argentina is filled with these striking quebradas (canyons) that start around Cafayate and continue north into Salta and the region of Humahuaca.
Purmamarca in Northwest ArgentinaOn the road to Purmamarca.
on the road to Purmamarca in Northwest Argentina The Hill of Seven Colours (El Cerro de Siete Colores) lies just behind the town of Purmamarca in Northwest Argentina. Our guide spoke only Spanish but from what I could understand, the yellows come from sulphur, blues from copper, greens from iron or seaweed (?), reds from iron.
the hill of seven colours in Purmamarca in Northwest Argentina This trail leads around the Hill of Seven Colours.Trail in Purmamarca in Northwest Argentina An adobe brick building in Purmamarca blends into the coloured sandstone surrounding it.
turquoise door Cafayate just to the south not only has more of these unique coloured rock formations, it also has some early Incan ruins at Quilmes.Multi-armed cacti at Quilmes ruins in ArgentinaAs well, there are many wineries to explore that produce some of Argentina’s famous wines.


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