The Botanical Garden in Singapore

Here is one of my favourite gardens in the world: the Singapore Botanical Garden.

Torch ginger.
torch ginger Crazy blooming bananas sprout forth from this rather ordinary banana palm.Crazy Banana Plant in the Singapore Botanical Garden There was a large orchid garden with dozens of varieties in bloom.
Singapore Botanical Garden OrchidsYellow orchids form these spectacular arches in the Singapore Botanical Garden, photographed during a torrential downpour.

flowered arches in the rain The rain starts but that doesn’t stop Al until it turns into a downpour.
Downpour at the Singapore Botanical Garden Of course, no garden visit would be complete without food, and when the storm reached monsoon intensity we ducked into the garden restaurant, and ended up ordering the set menu. It was a bit pricey (28$S), but what a presentation! This is the appetizer of fried foie gras on ginger banana with red spicy mango and port wine reduction. I couldn’t tell which was the mango and which was the wine reduction but they were both intensely flavoured and dancing on my tongue!lunch at the Singapore Botanical GardenThe main course of the set menu was chicken and garlic mash on a bed of lentils and parma ham.
lunch at the Singapore Botanical GardenThe Singapore Zoo also has a spectacular garden with lots of creatures in it but isn’t free like the Botanical Garden.
Red Dragonfly amongst the Papyrus in SingaporeFor a completely different type of garden in Southeast Asia see: Organic Herb Garden in Hoi An.

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7 responses to “The Botanical Garden in Singapore

  1. I love going to the Botanic Gardens in Singapore. It is quite a destination. I didn’t know they had great food there too, but it should be expected in Singapore.

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