A Cup of Chai in India

I don’t normally drink tea, but in India we were constantly being offered cups of chai, and I got so that I couldn’t get through my afternoon without chai’s restorative powers.

a Cup of Chai in a Village near Udaipur Relaxing with a cup of chai in Udaipur Palace.
Relaxing with a Cup of Chai in Udaipur PalaceAt Chittor Palace they serve the chai from a teapot with the palace coat of arms on it.Β 
a cup of chai at Chittor Palace, India But the best chai we had in India was in Bundi, where they served ginger chai in tiny plastic cups.Β How to make ginger chai, from our cooking class in India, plus instructions on how to make masala chai from our friend Baba in Japan.
making Chai in IndiaMore on our 2010 trip to India.

11 responses to “A Cup of Chai in India

  1. It’s amazing how fast you get addicted to chai. Tastes so good! We always had a cup of nice, stimulating chai after our afternoon nap, when we were in Goa last winter.
    Beautiful photos!

    • I like it best with minimal amounts of black tea and lots of milk, sugar and ginger. In the summer I often brew up a batch of concentrated hibiscus tea to which I add ice and soda water, but I’ve never thought of brewing a batch of chai for winter. What a great idea!

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