Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Door Knobs and Handles in Spain

I seem to have spent a fair amount of my time in northern Spain photographing the front doors of buildings. The range of detailing on these doors made them incredibly fascinating.

A plain but classic Spanish wrought iron door handle in Laguardia.
Spanish Door HandleAnother classic Spanish-style door knob and lock; note that the lock has been retrofitted to take a much smaller key!
Spanish door knobA simple door knob on a highly decorative door.
Spanish Door KnobA slightly more elaborate door knob on a slightly less detailed door.
Spanish Door Knob A fancy door knob on plain door. Many times door knobs are placed in the middle of the door making it a little tricky to close the door. (Laguardia)
Spanish Door Knob This knob is also placed in the middle of the door, and again is more decorative as befits the elegant ‘modern’ door that it is attached to. (Laguardia)
Spanish Door Knob This is not a knocker, it’s a door knob and handle. It is somewhat tricky to grab hold of.Spanish Door Knob This door handle is even trickier to grab hold of! It’s on the door of a hair salon.
Scissor Door HandleMore on Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Door Knobs or Handles.

9 responses to “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Door Knobs and Handles in Spain

  1. Strangely enough doorknobs are also a fascination of mine while we are traveling, particularly in Europe. And in Asia it’s the toilets of course. less photogenic I’m sure.
    The fourth door looks like it’s had an interesting history. Are those deep gashes just part of several knob replacements or something more?

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