Travelling to Livarot along Normandy’s Cheese & Cider Route

June 6, 2015.

On today’s day trip from Rouen along the cheese & cider route we happened upon a fromagerie

In Livarot, France we were greeted by signs of cheese everywhere.
Cheese Signs in Livorot, FranceFrom a logo on an old cheese delivery truck…An Old Cheese Delivery Truck in Livarot, France…to a mural of an old cheese delivery truck inside a maison de fromage.
A Mural of An Old Cheese Delivery Truck in Livarot, FranceAnother mural – this one of a cow being milked the new-fangled way.
A Cow Mural in Livarot, FranceOnce inside we got involved in some serious cheese tasting.
Cheese for sale in LivarotBest cheese discovery of the last ten years: Neufchâtel!  It’s similar to Camembert in texture but a notch up in terms of intensity of flavour, just as Camembert is a notch up on Brie. It is always shaped like a heart as in ‘I ♥ Neufchâtel’. I loved it so much and a huge heart of it was only 5 or 6€ — however, even vacuum-packed we were informed that it would only last two days. We would have to buy some closer to our departure date if I wanted to take this bit of France back to Canada.Neufchatel cheese for sale in LivarotThey love cheese so much in France that they even name their towns after them.
The Road to Camembert, FrancePoster showing how the producers of Camembert donated one day’s production per week of Camembert to the war effort in France, making Camembert the ‘truly national cheese’.Poster showing the role of Camembert in the Great WarThe second half of our day trip for June 6 was based on my book ‘The Backroads of France’: the Cider & Cheese route.
Rouen to Camenbert RouteThe first stop of the day was Jumieges Abbey ruins, followed by our first French picnic and then on to the crowded coast. From there we went off on what our ‘Backroads of France’ guidebook called the ‘Cider & Cheese’ route. In Cambremer we discovered some fabulous ciders (& Calvados, the French apple aperitif) followed by this fromagerie in Livarot, a three-course dinner in Bernay and finally drinks in Rouen.

More on our 2015 trip to northwestern France.


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