On a Lake in the Woods on a Hot Summer’s Day in Sweden

June 1, 2018. Unseasonably hot weather, 31° every day, was not what we had expected of Sweden. But my cousin lived in the woods by a lake so it seemed as if she had specifically planned the perfect weather for us to visit her at her place near Alinsås.

We had programmed the GPS to take backroads, and it led us straight down an unnamed dirt road smelling of fresh-cut hay and mellow manure.

And then the GPS announced that we had arrived at my cousin’s place. She was there waiting, showed us to the little cabin that was to be our new residence for a few days.
The cabin in the woods with its porch filled with tomato plants in Alingsås, SwedenWe shared our porch with a bunch of young tomato plants, way ahead of where they would normally be at the beginning of June. There was also a modern residence for bees. A 'hive' for the resident bees in Alingsås, SwedenI was impressed with the fire pit, an inviting shady place to sit.
Picnic area in a Swedish forestCome in, the water’s 23° and warm! Water temperature of 23° in a lake in SwedenLuring us into the water. Wading in a lake in SwedenThe woods were cooling although I was alarmed at what a dangerous place the woods were, full of ticks in the tall grasses. Later I checked my insect repellent and ticks were included in the list of repelled items so I never actually found a tick on me.Forest light in SwedenBeing in the middle of the country means a bit more planning when it comes to meals – you can’t just run out and pick up something on a whim. So the next tour was of the several fridges and freezers, all packed to the brim, with a detailed notebook to keep track of where everything was.
My cousin's super-stacked fridge in a cabin in the wood in Alinsås, SwedenAnd what a meal my cousin had planned! Banquet number 1: Norway lobster (also called langoustine or scampi) in Sweden. A banquet of Norway lobster (also called langoustine or scampi) in SwedenA different form of rye crisp.Rye crisps at our Swedish BanquetOnce the mosquitos came out we headed to the fire pit where the smoke would keep them away. At some point my cousin had put out candles to lead the way.Lit candles lead the way to a firepit on a warm summer's night in SwedenThe evening was warm but not so warm that a blazing fire didn’t end that summer’s evening in the very best way. Firepit at night in a cabin in the wood in Alinsås, SwedenThe fire pit was put to good use during our stay, with next morning’s breakfast cooked up in a special Swedish pan. A full breakfast cooked in a special pan over the fire in Alinsas, SwedenSteen’s breakfast cooked over a fire.
Steen's breakfast cooked over a fire, in Alinsås, SwedenFrom there we were off on an attempt to track down some stories that my father had written about his time in Sweden, although we had an interesting detour to an antique ‘barn’ where we were tempted into an extra treat or two at their spectacular breakfast.

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14 responses to “On a Lake in the Woods on a Hot Summer’s Day in Sweden

  1. That summer was a disaster for me – but you seem to have had a great forest time with marvelous food! And stories by the fire are always great!

    • it’s sad that summer was a disaster for you, but life can take turns like that sometimes. 2021 was my disaster year: I lost 3 friends in the first three months to cancer and had been unable to see them beforehand due to COVID, and 2022 hasn’t been a lot better. But I have my memories to hold onto, and I know you do too, and that’s what’s important in the long run.

      • I am so sorry for what happened. You indeed had a year of many disasters. As you say, memories are important as long as we have them. I hope the rest of this year will bring you some peace and joy! And to the rest of the world as well.

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