Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: the Blue & White Delftware of Holland

The traditional blue and white colours of Delftware are found all over Holland in various permutations.

Delft blue and white tiles on a wall.
Delft Blue Tiles (Holland) This strange looking piece of Delftware, found in an antique shop, is a ‘Tulip Holder’, a holdover from the time when every single tulip was extordinarily expensive.
Delft Blue Tulip Holder in an Antique Store in Amsterdam, HollandI just love these whimsical antique versions of tulip holders…
Delft Pottery at Delft, HollandCows are very Dutch, and Delft cows are even more so…
Delft Blue Cow (in Delft Holland, natch!) Delft Blue tiles tell a story about the production of cheese.
Delft Blue Tiles with a Story about Cheese (Holland) Cheese slicers, excellent for slicing Dutch cheese, feature blue Delftware handles with tulips and windmills. This is about as Dutch as you can get!
Cheese Slicers in Delft Blue A windmill on a plate done in the traditional blue and white colours of Delftware.
A Delft Blue Windmill PlateThis tattoo convention add has a slightly different take on Delft blue.
A Delft Blue Tattoo Poster Painting of Delft vase by the Dutch artist Jan Sluijters.Painting of Delft Vase by Dutch artist Jan Sluijters They have even named a tulip ‘Delft Blue’ and although I don’t personally have a photo of the flower, it is a lovely dark blue, of course!

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8 responses to “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: the Blue & White Delftware of Holland

  1. the cheese slicer is soemthing I would actualy like – some of the hubs family is Ducth and so this was cool – even though I usually think of blue and white tiles with a French Provincial feel….. 🙂 nice to this Dutch art tile

      • oh thanks for the tip – and some friends were just talking about Gouda cheese last week – and I am not sure I have ever tried it – and I have tried MANY cheeses in the day. This friend also had a Brie Hamburger – which I thought was interesting. I had swiss and mushroom – 🙂
        but when I go to Holland I am also getting wooden clogs – for sure.

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