Side Details like Shadows

Sometimes it seems like I’m more interested in the ‘side’ details like shadows than I am in taking photos of the subject.

Somewhere in Hoi An I took a lot of shots of these Vietnamese baskets and shadows. This is one of the few shots that actually looks like a basket – most of the basket shadow shots are at the point of abstraction. 
Shadows of Vietnamese baskets in HoiAn run through StackablesAl was busy photographing this monastery in Spain whereas I have a fair number of photos of this little cat and its shadow. 
shadow of a black cat in Spain run through PixlromaticThe Hoh rainforest was dripping green but I was busy taking photos of the fern shadows on the trail. 
Fern ShadowsA shadow story told on an orange wall in Huatalco, Mexico. Shadow of a Palm Tree against an orange wall in Huatalco, mexicoAn Irish friary ruin with light streaming through the broken window.Light coming through the window of an Irish church ruin run through PixlromaticThe shadow of the skeleton of a hunted animal in the Copenhagen History Museum, Denmark. The shadow of bones in the CopenHistoryMuse4633wMore on Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Shadows.

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