Tofino on Vancouver Island, Canada

1959: Dad with our car parked on Long Beach

My first trip to Tofino was in 1958 or 59, along one of the worst roads in the world.

It has changed a bit since then. In the 50s it was mostly fishermen, and that changed to hippies and surfers in the 60s, and now there’s a little bit of everything plus a lot of high-end resorts. Sign topped by an Orca (Killer Whale) states that Tofino is the Pacific Terminus of the Trans Canada HwyAs soon as we arrived Al wanted a nap, so I ended up wandering around by myself through the funky old town. A carving of an eagle welcomes you to TofinoA unique fence post.Home decor with skulls in Tofino on Vancouver IslandThey have been steadily increasing the bike routes so there’s now bike traffic everywhere.Texter at Tofino on Vancouver IslandTurquoise railing & buoys decorate a shop. Turquoise railing & buoys decorate a shop in Tofino on Vancouver IslandMural on the exterior of a gallery specializing in First Nations art.Mural on the exterior of a gallery specializing in Native Indian art in Tofino on Vancouver IslandOld licence plates, some dating back to ‘58 or ’59, the first time I was there. Maybe one of these fell off our old car!Old BC license plates nailed onto a garage in Tofino, Vancouver Island, CanadaA totem of the Weeping Cedar Woman.Totem of the Weeping Cedar Woman in the funky town of Tofino on Vancouver IslandOn one side of town are the forests, beaches and Tonquin Trail.The setting sun at a beach at the end of Tonquin Trail in Tofino on Vancouver IslandOn the other side are the docks, which was my first stop after wandering through the town.Tofino DockOne boat was offloading crates of live Geoducks into a refrigerated truck scheduled to go to a plane that would arrive in China the next day.Tofino fisherman sending up crates of live Geoducks for loading into a refrigerated truck to arrive in China the next dayOne of the fisherman.Tofino fisherman sending up crates of live Geoducks for loading into a refrigerated truck to arrive in China the next dayCrates of live Geoducks heading off to China.Crates of live Geoducks waiting to be loaded into a refrigerated truck, arriving in China the next dayAlthough the road has improved immensely since the 50s some people arrive in Tofino by float plane or boat.The float plane dock in TofinoFisherman’s Wharf is a little further down the road, but still within walking distance.Fisherman's Wharf in the funky town of Tofino on Vancouver IslandNice curtains. Boat at Fisherman's Wharf Fisherman's Wharf in the funky town of Tofino on Vancouver Island‘C’ is for Crow.Tofino's wharf with the letter 'C' standing for 'Crows'A houseboat across the water from the dock.A floating village and old houseboat just off of the town of Tofino on the far west coast of Vancouver IslandThere are a lot of places to eat in town but even in mid-September many of the restaurants were totally booked up, although servers made a lot of effort to squeeze in hungry tourists.Tofino at nightWe ate at this pub, with a great view of the docks and sunset.According to Tripadvisor, the number one restaurant in Tofino is the Tacofino food truck in the ‘surfer’s village’ along the highway. Reservations are not required here and prices are reasonable, but dining is al fresco no matter what the weather. According to Trip Advisor Tacofino's food truck is the No 1 restaurant in TofinoIn the same surfer’s village was the Wildside Grill with its the funky driftwood shelter, another popular eating spot.The funky driftwood shelter at the Wildside Grill in TofinoGoogle map showing the area around Tofino. The ‘surfer’s village’ does not appear to be the official name of the area to the south of Tofino on the highway, but Tacofino is located there along with other cafes and shops with gear for energetic people. Google map showing the area around TofinoMore on Travelling around BC.

5 responses to “Tofino on Vancouver Island, Canada

  1. Great post, Eliza. You’ve captured it well. There’s a very rustic feel to the place. I’m trying to imagine what it’s like to live in that houseboat in the winter!

    • Friends I know who live on boats say that enduring the damp ‘rainforest’ weather of winter is awful and it’s a good time to get out of town! However, most of the year nothing beats it!

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