Frames Around the World

A selection of windows framing interesting scenes from around the world.

Monkey in a window at Bundi Fort, India.
monkey in a window at Bundi FortA photographer shoots the stone faces of Angkor Wat’s Bayon, unaware that he himself is being framed. (Cambodia) photographer at Angkor Wat This window overlooks Monet’s exuberant garden in Giverny, France. A window in Monet's house overlooks his exuberant gardenLooking through the bus window as we flee rainy Hue in Vietnam. leaving rainy Hue as seen through the bus window Arriving in Buenos Aires as seen from from the plane window. (Argentina) Arriving in Buenos Aires from the plane windowA distorted view of Ghent’s Cathedral through the Bell Tower windows. (Belgium) Ghent thru the window Vancouver in November, a rather grim place… (Canada)
no On the other side of the temple window a monk looks over the town of Luang Prabang. (Laos) 07LuangPMonkinWindow100803

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